Super-charged SBA loan application processing

Reduce your processing costs by 70% while increasing your top line

SBA lending made fast and efficient through innovation and new technology

Many banks don’t offer SBA business loans under $250,000 because they involve just as much work as larger size loans. However, the SmartBiz platform is a game changer that allows banks to process SBA loan applications of all sizes more profitably and efficiently. In essence, the SmartBiz online software platform systematizes and automates the SBA loan application process.

A Technology Platform that Super-charges the SBA Loan Application Process

How it Works


Application Management

Our technology helps banks handle the SBA online application process in a compliant manner and intelligently sorts applications to focus on those most likely to meet a bank’s specific pre-qualification criteria.


Document Capture with Real-time Notifications

The SmartBiz platform automatically captures SBA as well as bank required documentation in a data warehouse, and provides borrowers with real-time activity notification so they can provide any missing data or additional documentation for their loan application.


Automated Review

Our technology enables banks to more efficiently review and analyze loan applications, including cash flow and other financial ratio calculations to reduce errors.



We digitize your bank pre-qualification criteria so you can make fast and accurate assessments of loan applications.


Online File Audit

SmartBiz’s platform provides you with a digitized loan application file to help reduce processing time on your side, enhance compliance, and expedite the file audit.



SmartBiz software enables banks to more efficiently process loan applications through the bank's credit memo, documentation, and closing process.

Bank Benefits


Attract new small business customers that are better targeted to your bank’s pre-qualification criteria.


Less manual processes and fewer repetitive activities help improve review efficiency.


Rules-based software helps ensure compliance.

Bottom Line

Enhanced profitability through increased revenue and reduced costs.

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