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Is Your Business SBA Loan Ready?

SmartBiz Advisor helps you learn how banks typically evaluate your business and recommends ways to increase your likelihood of approval when applying for the low-cost funding you deserve.

  • As the #1 online marketplace for SBA loans, we are uniquely situated to help you learn about what banks look at when funding a business.
  • Our proprietary Loan Ready Score™, built by analyzing thousands of small business financials with our intelligent platform, helps you learn how your business stacks up to get a low-cost SBA Loan.
  • SmartBiz has a 90% funding rate of small businesses it refers to lenders.
Get your Loan Ready Score

The Loan Ready Score is for educational purposes and is not the same as scores used by lenders for credit decisions.

Your Business Story Is More Than Just A Credit Score

Just like a CFO in a large business, SmartBiz Advisor can help you learn how to build your business lending profile by educating you about factors banks consider. After all, your business is more than just a credit score.

  • We help you learn where you stand for each of the key areas banks use to evaluate your business, such as: debt coverage, debt usage, credit and business revenue trends.
  • Review your personalized Loan Ready Score quickly and easily— it’s a useful measure to help you assess your probability of approval for a low-cost SBA loan.
See where you stand

The Loan Ready Score is for educational purposes and is not the same as scores used by lenders for credit decisions.

Get Control Of Your Business Funding Profile

SmartBiz Advisor provides actionable insights and easy-to-use tools to help you effectively present your business for low-cost funding through a bank.

  • SmartBiz Advisor provides personalized recommendations to help you strengthen your loan application so you can get the terms that are a good fit for your business.
  • Our experienced team of Loan Consultants is available to help you understand your recommendations and how you can get your business SBA loan ready.
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Find The Right Funding, Now Or In The Future

SmartBiz Advisor helps make SBA loans more accessible by providing valuable insights throughout your business journey.

  • Our transparent Loan Ready Score gives you information about where you stand in obtaining an SBA loan, the gold standard in small business lending.
  • After you pre-qualify, our SmartBiz marketplace matches you with one of our SBA preferred bank partners that is likely to fund your business.
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The Loan Ready Score is for educational purposes and is not the same as scores used by lenders for credit decisions.

SmartBiz Is Safe & Secure

We take your privacy seriously
We use bank-level, 256-bit encryption to protect your personal data
We don’t sell your information for marketing purposes

How It Works


Tell us about your business

Answer a few simple questions and upload your recent business tax return.


Get insights in seconds

Our intelligent tool analyzes your company's financials to create your Loan Ready Score and personalized insights in seconds.


When you’re ready, apply for an SBA loan

After you pre-qualify, we will match you with the SBA preferred bank partner that is most likely to fund your business.

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What our customers say

Ken Co-Founder, Auto Repair Shop

“I love this! You are a Lending Coach. This is exactly what you are. And every small business guy wants a Lending Coach.”

Co-Founder, Auto Repair Shop
Shannon CEO, Marketing Agency

“It helped me see where I’m doing well. And in actuality, it helps me realize I’m leaning on the positive end of being SBA loan ready. I’m not that far off!”

CEO, Marketing Agency
Steve Owner, Dental Practice

“For me, the most important information is to know where to improve. Where I am, where I need to go, and how do I get there.”

Owner, Dental Practice

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Report on your business from a banker's perspective
  • Loan Ready Score™ - You get the best measure to determine your probability of SBA funding
  • Key Bank Criteria - We show you where you stand for each of the key areas that banks use to evaluate your business like debt coverage, debt usage, credit and business revenue trends
Intelligent CFO
  • Get personalized insights & recommendations on how to strengthen your business
Ongoing tracking and tools
  • Monitor your Key Bank Criteria and Loan Ready Score so can get the low cost capital when your business is ready

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What you need to know: The information provided through SmartBiz Advisor, including the Loan Ready Score, is for educational purposes only. SmartBiz Advisor is not a financial or legal advisor as defined under federal or state law. Use of this information is not a replacement for personal, professional advice or assistance regarding your finances or credit history.
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